Little Creek Bow Club Meriwether Full for 2020-21


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I finally got around to watching...appropriately named and I as well have yet to find the same on my lease!! Sure got me inspired to work harder at it!!

Great video for sure...I really enjoyed it David thank for sharing!!

Is it me or did it appear the more mature bucks seem to be coming thru toward the camera not that the camera had any bearing on it...different travel route to get there maybe, wind...I don't know?

Good Stuff!!
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We have one opening for the 2019-20 season, if you are a archery hunter looking to chase some P&Y bucks this season and are like minded with what you see in these post and think you may be a good fit with us, give me a shout.
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A put a couple of cameras out on some clover in mid April and checked them yesterday, they are hitting the plots hard. We will get the feeders cranked back up next weekend and the buck watching will start!! Here are a few videos.

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Here are 2 videos from one of our feeder sites from back in the summer and a one of a nice up and comer from late November.


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I keep trying to figure out how to hunt the mid west but you're consistently growing the big ones here. I'm sure you just love the whole managing as much or more than hunting.
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Thanks Josh, we’ve grown some pretty good bucks over the years but this year was better than normal for some reason but still nothing that compares to the Midwest. You’re right about enjoying the management, I honestly enjoy the whole process from shed hunting in the spring, to planting, mowing, feeding to the hunting.
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Yes I am too. I am in a 4K acre lease in Alabama with 41 food plots and 6 years into QDM. I would appreciate any info. PM if necessary.
M2M that is Antler Xtreme in the troughs, they love it! It sounds like you’ve got a great lease in AL, good luck.
I call that gooder than good! I saw that first deer at fortners taxidermy when I picked up mine. Pictures almost don’t do it justice what a pig. What he go 165-170?