Little Johnny's "Best Day Ever"

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"Best Day Ever!!" That was the very statement Johnny made when we asked him how he enjoyed his first guided fishing trip. Thanks to Doug Nelms, Johnny's first time on Lake Oconee was one of great memories. When King asked if we could get a trip together for his grandson, I knew Doug was the one to contact, and as always, Doug went above and beyond in making sure Johnny was having a great time. With all the fish landed, 2 bald eagles sighted over head, and hours of laughs, Johnny was all smiles thinking about the time on the lake.

Doug, as always, I can't thank you enough for the great times on the water with you. I'll be seeing you in April for a trip with my goddaughters!! :fine:


He'll never get that kind of memories on a nintendo.
Great pictures.

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I love seeing kids in the outdoors fishing and it’s something positive that they can do their whole life long!!!

Congrats on the good day and good job for hooking another kid on fishing!

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Clicked on this looking for some Little Johnny jokes. And I find a kid having a great day on the lake.