Live From The Tree 2014...Redemption!

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Yep it's that time again!

We decided to hit the road a little early and after packing the truck and trailer at lunch we are now rolling thru west Illinois headed to Missouri. The weather looks like its gonna be nasty hot most of the trip :(

This is about how the 2014 series will go...

Oct 23-Nov 1 we will be at a motel in Macon MO which is halfway between our 2 farms. One is the 40 acre farm in Adair (many of you will remember the neighbor lady shooting over our heads! ) and a new 300 acre farm in Linn county. We share the new farm with young Hunk and rdurham and Sunday's Money all from here. We have never seen the new farm so as usual it'll be a challenge while scouting and stand hanging at break neck speeds.

Nov 2-7 will be our Outfitter Spotlight in Latham OH with Sunfish Valley Whitetails. We've never been to OH but of course hear great things about it and some wonderful things about SVW.

Nov 7-whenever we are going back to our farm Knox county NE. This area was hit very hard 3 years back with EHD but had been coming back every year. We not only added more land to it, we are also meeting rdurham and Scott Williams up there.

After NE we will drop back down to MO again as needed.

Nov 21-23 we will swing back to Illinois and hit the first 3 day gun hunt.

After that it's a coin toss as to whether we stay in Illinois or drop down to KY or run back to MO. Basically we will be chasing the deer at that point:bounce: It's def time for a lil redemption after we screwed up on the 2 MO bucks and the haircut I gave the big 8 in KY!

Should be at the hotel around 9pm although we don't know that they can take us a day early so we may be sleeping in the truck tonight:D

Will do all we can to make this season fast and entertaining. Like always I can never guarantee the deer, the weather, the neighbors, the equipment or anything else will cooperate... but can always promise a good time and a ride packed with the highs and lows we all experience every time we sit a stand!

Load up boys it's time!
Man...what a schedule! Good hunting.....
Passing that arch means about 3 hrs left .... Bubba drive safe bc we know ur driving and you guys bring down some giants .... ITS TIME !!!!!! Good Luck
Best of luck fellas. There was no hunting for me in the Hoosier state tonight. Y'all need to make a trip back up this way some time. Shoot straight this year and stay safe.


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Hope you fill your tags, coolers, and walls up this year with big bucks! Good hunting!
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Thx for the well wishes people.

Just called the motel and they are good with a 10 night stay and the storage place has a unit big enuf for the trailer and ranger.

So basically it's 3 hours of 2 old dudes listening to Seether :cool:
Man this time of year is the best, just gets us a little edgy.
I'll probably miss y'all I'm leavin on nov 1 but may stay 12 -20 days if needed.
safe travels aim small miss small.


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Just slide into the armpit of the Midwest :D

I highly recommend the Ameristar Resort and Casino just over the river in St. Charles!! Stayed there 2 years ago on my Kansas trip and thoroughly enjoyed it! Me and PapaQ will be staying there when we head West to hunt!

Good luck guys! I'll pitch in when we head to Kansas..
Looking forward to following ya'lls hunts. Good Luck and have a great time !


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Just curious, why do y'all skip Illinois during the first part of November? I figgerd that would be where y'all would hang your hat during the rut.

Jack Leg

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Good luck guys can't wait for y'all to start hunting! Me my dad and brother leave next Friday October 31 for a guided South Dakota spot and stalk mule deer hunt!
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Mauser, we lost our big lease in Illinois early this year although even when we had it we had an outfitter on iit all Nov and we hunted early and late season. We have another IL lease now, but it's not better (or worse) than what we have every where else and every thing else we have kinda flows with the road trip. We've had such good luck that last few years during IL late season that it's all good although I still want to get back to an IL rut cause it's just so freaking strong! We are looking hard for sumn up near nw that we can hit with everything else.

We are officially in the smallest hotel room we've ever been in with this much luggage! But they've upgraded us to a suite tomorrow at a small fee.

Getting up around daylight tomorrow to get some stands hung and to start scouting the new farm. Man I love this stuff!

Oh yeah.... A true LFTTer needs a bunch of chargers :D

Later people... Thanks as always for following along


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