Live pigeon or quail


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Does anyone know where i could get some live pigeons or quails for dog training around covington
Google how to build pigeon trap and go get some. If you buy them you're going to pay $5.00 - $7.50 each. Quail might be cheaper but not as readily available right now I wouldn't think.


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I recall a breeder around Winder, try googling 'poultry breeders', you can ask for adolescent or extras
If you are in a hurry, buckeye plantation will sell you quail for $10/each. Thats high but usually includes access to their land for training, which is beautiful. Not sure what their covid adjustments are.

During "season" pen raised quail prices are $4/bird, but those breeders generally are hard to buy from during the hot months. If you are in a pinch PM me and I'll connect you with someone way down by hawkinsville.