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I have a Kohler 220 loader in good condition on the Ford 4000 I just purchased. I do not have power steering so trying to steer this thing is like wrestling Andre the giant

5 foot bucket

What is it worth?


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Not sure the value, but aside from taking it completely off, in case you need it later, can you remove, just the bucket to lighten the load? Taking over hanging load off up front can help a little.

I do understand about no power steering.
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Got one. Mr Vernon Holt left it on the Massey 135 he sold me.

Cannot beat Andre The giant with just a knob, would be suicide indeed!

Buy some of these haha. Nah all kidding aside, id just take it off and keep it, never know when you may need it, and yes sir I cut my teeth as a kid trying to steer a 3000 and 4000 ford around and thru tobacco fields. But I'd much rather wrestle that wheel than have to be pulling suckers
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Evergreen, I used to do that until carpel tunnel syndrome set in. At 68 and with arthritis I could not grip one of those things either.
The tractor I can do but the loader gots to go
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Thanks for all the ideas. I also plan to go by the Koyker dealer in Tallassee Al next time I go to Montgomery to visit my mother. I have 20 questions for them.
Ford owned manual says the hydraulics pump 5gpm and the loader says 12 gpm. The loader is slow operating and I am sure they will know about adding on power steering.

Still, I have run my Massey 135 for the last 13 years without a loader. I primarily plow and bush hog for roads and food plots. I really have to question the usefulness of a loader to me