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I just wish I knew who Loeffler was looking at...

Some of her stories about growing up on that farm is how she could sit on the front porch and count the chickens in the back yard.


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I see on Breitbart Kelly Loeffler is cosponsoring some gun bills. The hearing protection act (suppressors), nationwide concealed carry reciprocity, and protecting veterans from having guns seized for PTSD or something. The fix is in. They're trying to give her an "A" NRA rating w/o voting on anything that actually matters Why weren't these bills voted on when the GOP had the House AND Senate in Trump's first 2 years? They're not going to pass now with a Democrat-held house and I expect they'll disappear if the GOP retakes the House next year. This is all for show at this point. I'd prefer a clear statement that Senator Loeffler opposes universal background checks and red flag laws than cosponsoring legislation that will go nowhere while she is an appointed senator. We've seen "pro-gun" Democrat women completely flip-flop on 2A. I hope the trend isn't spreading to Republican women.


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I don't know about everybody else, but her latest commercial with her backstory leaves me waiting for someone to hang the oats bag on her face at the end. Willllllllllbur!

Same reason my dog barks each time that conmercial comes on I guess.
:ROFLMAO:You beat me to it.

Howard Roark

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Sell me on Kelly Loeffler vs. Doug Collins
In Jan 2021 her title will still be Senator Loeffler.

______________ Collins wil not be on the ballot.

Talked with a couple of friends at the Capitol last night and am heading to Atlanta today. Will update tonight on findings.

Doug Collins is crawfishing behind the scenes.
Y'all best pay attention to Mr. Roark.
Her commercials don't ring true,, contrived, designed to appeal to the regular folk, but it doesn't feel right, she comes across as fake, phony, trying to sell herself, she also doesn't look comfortable, as if she's rehearsed the lines too much.

I'm not sure what her agenda is, other than gaining notoriety and political power ? I don't think she's up there to serve the people of Ga, just herself.

She also donated a lot of money to Romney back before the Repub primary, not Trump.

Collins is a bulldog, a great defender of Trump, even though he has been a politician for a good while, I'd rather have him in that seat than Loeffler, but he is possibly more valuable in the house ,, if we had a person we could trust more for the senate seat ?

pretty sure Kemp's wife is the reason we have Loeffler, and Kemp figured it would look good if he appointed a woman .
IMO, Kemp picked her to help bring more women into the conservative ranks with the decline over the last decade in Ga. Cobb County has already turned blue- a couple more and it is over. This is all about the northern arc suburban soccer moms.

I think it was a good decision.
I initially did, but the more I see her commercials the more I realize how fake she is, and after seeing who she supported in the past, I'm not sure we can trust her when it counts.
As far as I can tell Kemp has remained silent so far about the Senate race.
How many times have we seen the ‘more electable’ candidate get smashed in the general??

There are plenty of votes to be had, just gotta give folks something to get fired up about..


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I know I asked her office and tried to get in touch with her personally for a month for help on a matter.....they flatly refused to even raise a finger and are downfight rude. A matter that would take 5 minutes of anyones there time to help. Not that its unusual.....but it just burns me how people that work for us could give a darn less about right and wrong or helping you in any way....then parade around on news, social media and such... like they care.
I'd prefer a clear statement that Senator Loeffler opposes universal background checks and red flag laws than cosponsoring legislation that will go nowhere while she is an appointed senator.
So basically you prefer talk over action.