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Only post in here if your turkey beats the current leader (which should be the last post at all times)
Longest beard and spur competition:
The first person to enter a bird this year should enter into the spur and beard categories. After that, you’re only allowed to enter a bird if it beats or ties the previous bird. Pictures must be clear and unmistakable. This will eliminate everyone wondering who is leading the "longest" categories. The bird has to be accepted in the team entry to be eligible for the spur and beard category. Once again, once you enter your bird, there will be no PM's sent if the pictures are not right...The bird will be deleted and disqualified.

You must post a picture here just of your spur or beard against a tape/ruler. The tape/ruler must be able to be clearly read and both end of the tape/ruler must be visible! DO NOT SHOVE THE END OF THE TAPE/RULER IN THE FEATHERS. Please refer back to the example pictures I posted if you are unclear on what is expected.