Look my canoe stablizers

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what you guys think just made them in just over 2 hours put it in the pool WOW big difference i could walk around and no problems like fallling in the cold pool but i would like to know what you guys think and any ideas to make them better there now?



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can u see them now?
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sorry cant get the pics uploaded dont know whats up with it


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I think maybe they sunk....
Simple and low cost design. I think you may have some issues with it tracking straight when you are paddling and with the "Noodletoons" turning on you. I like it though and hope it works out for you. If it don't work out you can turn those broom handles into BB Booms, the noodles into catfish float rigs, and a 2x4 is always something handy to have around the house so you won't be out any money.


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Do it right like the Hawaiian's and put an outrigger on that bad boy!!!