Looking for a good budget scope for my muzzleloader


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I have a Konus on the M77/50 I picked up recently. Plan on trying it out in the next couple of weeks. I'll report back.


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Cabela’s branded scopes are good for the money. Buddy of mine had one on a cva wolf for about 10 years, killed a pile of deer with it.


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This is what I have on my CVA Optima. It really works well. Mine is the 50mm



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Bushnell Banner Dusk to Dawn scopes. I have four or five of them on my ML. a .444, and several other .280 and 30-06 loaner rifles. Never had any issues and they have good clarity and light gathering performance for the money. Two of them are floaters, get moved around as needed. Adjust easily and maintains zero reliably.
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I am going to recommend the UTG Bugbuster ($155) and the UTG 3x12 x44 30 mm compact scope (on sale for $99 including rings). Very durable guaranteed scopes. I have used them for years without any problem on my magnum springer airguns, which are scope killers, as parallax adjustment goes down to 5 yards. Decent glass. Read the reviews first.



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I replaced the Traditions one with a Redfield Rebel from Academy.
It was a hot deal that day, $99. 3-9x40 and it works great.

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