Looking for a private land spot to hog hunt

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Yeah, i know everyone else is too. I’ve been knocking on doors but i figured I’d check here too. I’m north of Atlanta but will travel to anywhere north of Macon. Only want to hunt hogs, as I’ve got a good deer hunting spot.
Anyone got a lead on anything i could run down?
I’ve been doing WMAs, but private land would be nice.

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Trust me, I’ve been trying. Not too many clubs up where I’m at.
Oh make no mistake. None where i'm at so I end up driving 2 hours each way to my club. Add in some Friday evening traffic (like if I leave after 5pm) it ends up taking 2.5 hours to get there.
We may be taking members in Lamar co...we have what you might say a healthy hog population! I have a club meeting Sat I will see how many spots are open. I did a lot of hog hunting two years ago and whacked two dozen.
I have a place to hunt but curious where the hogs are in Lamar? I killed some out hwy 36 almost to Talbot county a few years ago!
You can hunt them on public lands until small game season goes out in February. There isn’t an inch of dirt in GA that is more than one hour from some public land.