Looking for first traditional bow

As mentioned starting with a bow that’s to heavy is the number one mistake most make. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been shooting 80# compounds different animal all together.
I picked up a Bear Grizzly in 55# and started to heavy....eventually got the hang of it. My advice buy the book “Beginners guide to Traditional Archery by Brian Sorrells.
Step by step start from scratch intro, as well as a step by step program to teach the shooting of a recurve or longbow. Most people myself included jut get some arrows and a bow and start flinging away....with the expected results. I learned a lot of bad habits and probably made the learning take twice as long. If you don’t have a competent person to teach you the ropes this book is the next best thing.
I’d also advise buying a used bow to start many used bow sites Rocky Mountain specialty gear is a good one you can buy a bow try it and send it back if you don’t like it. They have hundreds of used recurved and longbows. Traditional Bowhunters magazine is another good thing to read get a subscription and read it. There is a huge learning curve to Traditional archery but it’s all been written down every question every answer no need to struggle like I did when starting out. After a year or so you can figure out exactly what you want and buy a custom made bow. When I started with the 55# Grizzly it was to heavy I now shoot a Howard Hill Longbow at 65-70 pounds with no problem. Good luck
What’s your draw length? As a rule of thumb you loose an inch of draw when you switch to traditional. I can shoot a 68 inch longbow out of my summit. Longer bows are easier to shoot.