Looking for Polaris dealer with lowest to no "Delivery/Set-Up" fees ~ North 1/2 of Ga.

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Like the title says, looking to minimize the ridiculous fees. Just got a quote from Cycle World of Athens for a new Polaris 450 base model. $742 in dealer fees tacked on to it. That is absurd. I haven't bought new in forever. Can I do better anywhere else?


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Tell dealers exactly what you want and request a full quote, incl. any and all fees.
Buy from the lowest... or negotiate w local dealer. They all will have junk fees, they making money and keeping lights on..
Good luck, JT


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Mountain Motorsports in Conyers was pretty fair when I priced a new Ranger from them. I ended up getting it in Statesboro ga, but Mountain Motors was likely to get the deal until the Statesboro dealer stepped up.


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That's too much in fees. PDI and setup fees I charged was around the 300 dollar mark.
Dealerships that go any higher are called stealerships.
The final assembly of a typical offroad vehicle takes about 45 minutes. So, I factor half labor cost. Then add in one month flooring fee and chemicals ( fuel, oil, lube, polish).
The pre-delivery inspection is done during final assembly.... adjustments, check brake assemblies, tire pressures...etc.
The only times I've gone above basic is when someone bought a vehicle and wanted optional equipment installed, pre-delivery. Obviously, this takes more time, therefore, higher fees. But, if equipment is installed pre-delivery, its usually easier, cleaner and faster so I charged half labor. Even then, it didnt exceed 600. That was on a Mule that the buyer wanted hydraulic bed tilt, winch, full cab and gun boots.