Looking for Western KY Club/Lease 2023


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Yes, I know we are going into the 2022 season but wanted to go ahead and have feelers out for my future plans. I had seen a couple listings posted on here this offseason but due to commitments, I was unable to pursue.

Currently I reside in South, AL and other than a couple trips here and there, my Alabama lease is my primary hunting area. Moving into 2023+ seasons, I am looking to step away from Outfitters and get into either a lease or a club in the Western KY area. I am not opposed to other locations across the Midwest, but KY is obviously my first choice due to distance (8hrs) from my home in Mobile.

I do not have any kids or anyone I would ever consider bringing as a guest. My fiancé hunts rarely at most. She probably would only make one trip in a year due to her career and she just really likes to go to our place in Alabama to watch her "pets" as we call them.

Only interested in a property that is managed by age with strict harvest guidelines and low member count. I do not possess the "need" to kill a buck in order to justify a monetary relationship with a property. Nor do I have a need to burn up a property with unnecessary pressure for no reason when the time is not right. All I am looking for is the opportunity to enjoy time spent in woods where there is an increased chance to harvest a quality animal that I would not likely see in South, AL. I understand something in these lines will not be cheap but that comes with the territory.

Needle in a haystack I know, but If someone has something come open or has a lead please shoot me a PM.

Jim Boyd

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Good luck!!!

Hope it works… enjoy!

South Man

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I am looking as well. Will let you know if I can locate something