Looking on advice for keeping Lab outside


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Son just got a lab pup and we are in process of building a kennel outside she is staying in our barn with concrete floor in a 10x10 kennel with a fan blowing on her till we do get the official kennel done. Grew up with dad raising bird dogs and I had beagles all were kept in kennels and did fine. Not a dog in the house kind of a person, we have tried it but neither I or wife can stand the hair, etc.
I find it funny that folks today think babies are so fragile. Babies have survived (depending on your beliefs) forever being exposed to all kinds of stuff. Let the dog be and discipline the one that has the problem when/if a problem arises.
As everyone says about wildlife, they are tough critters.
And yes I'm aware this was an old post.
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Actually built a big pen like 30 x 20 foot. We put her in it everyday with the beagle that lives in it full time. She only barks when we are outside working trying to get a attention. It is doing both of them good to be together. Heck more than once we have been outside and look over and little Jack is literally laying on her back asleep and her to. Put a little kiddie pool in there and when you fill it up she goes over and just lays down it when she is not jumping in and out of it.


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My choc labs are outside in a fenced yard when we are at work, let them come inside
when we get home, swim nearly every day, have a large kennel in garage that I got at
Tractor Supply 12 x 8 , sleep in there w/ box fan , unless its extreme weather , then they sleep in ac or heated basement, they are Happy, Happy, Happy