Looking to trade in some manual labor for hunting rights on property...

Howdy fellow hunters. My family and I just moved to Cartersville, I was wondering if anyone would be willing (or knows anyone in the area) to allow me to hunt their property in the fall in exchange for some manual labor (I can do carpentry, "handyman", or yard work, or help with any other chores), I can provide instructions in first aid/prehospital care (first aid, CPR, stop the bleed, etc), professionally processed meat, or maybe a nice gift basket with a gift card and some goodies . I understand unlikelihood of the success of this post, but hey can't blame a guy for trying. Yes hunting is my hobby but I hunt for meat, my wife has food sensitivities to a lot of commercial foods (but not to venison) and we also make food for our babies with the meat I hunt. I would behave on the property like it was my own (leave it better than I found it), I don't smoke, drink, chew, litter, I work with one of the local Public Safety agencies, I'm willing to provide references. Thank you :) (P.S. I hope this is allowed for me to post here) Would love to come and have a conversation/meet you so you're not making any decisions concerning a stranger (you can private message me with any questions) Thank you all!

Jim Boyd

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Good luck, sir!

Well stated.