Lost Dog: Help Needed


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Dang thats a long way...so happy for you!!...
and Winston!!


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Congrats!!!!! I hope he's O.K.


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I would have no problem paying the reward and wouldn't think twice about it for the return of my dogs under the circumstances of your loss nor would I think ill of those who made the effort and found him and took the reward. It probably motivated them to BOLO. Good to hear of his return. My hunting partner's younger dog has seizure issues which quickly resolve. It is disconcerting to see it happen. It can be a serious issue around water. Gil


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I would pay to get my dog back but I wouldn’t take $$ the reward money. I’ve been blessed in my life. I say, it’s just money; you can make more..

I don’t think poorly of the folks for taking the $$. They might have needed it worse than I do.

OP, please keep us posted on the happenings and diagnosis concerning the seizures. It might help one of us I’m the future, that’s scary to me