Loving us out of our jails

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"The fear of “what others might think” can both restrain us from doing what we know is right and entice us to do what ultimately harms us.

I remember receiving a gold-plated pin when I was eleven years old for two years of unbroken attendance at Sunday school. The affirmation I received for my accomplishment and the applause of all the adults in the congregation was an intoxicating brew. It made me feel superior to others who had not been so dedicated and helped launch me on a persistent quest to drink of that well for most of my spiritual journey. I thought that thirst was my friend, beckoning me closer to Jesus, not realizing for almost thirty years it was my jailer, pushing me to serve other people’s expectations.

Jesus didn’t want to use my shame to spur me to greater things, he wanted to set me free from it."

He Loves Me - Wayne Jacobsen