Lunch time Stripers 12-15-2013 w/video

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We just got back from a run up the creek with a few trout. We saw some birds circling and decided to fish the general area the birds were concentrating on. It took a little over an hour but we finally ran across a nice bunch of fish. We were able to get 3 stripers and a spot out of the group before they moved on. The water temps continue to drop and was 52 in the back of the creek when we left the dock. We were using medium sized trout and caught 2 on planer boards and one on a downline. Here's a short video of the trip.
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Thanks guys. I lost the handle on these fish by not being on the water for the past 2 weeks, but I think we figured them out yesterday.

I wrote the long version of the fishing report with a little more detail on my blog.

Nice vid! I'm pretty sure I was in that exact same spot Wednesday night :)
JC, it would have been a long ride from your place, but let me know if you're in the area. It's very close to the lake house and it looks like good weather this week.


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South end til the very end, Jim! Good to see you're keeping the pets fed, I've been on the longest break in my life but you've got me motivated to get back at it.