Lyman Plains Bullet modding

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Ok so maybe its not really a huge hot rodding improvement but it was neat to try and see how well it works. After all, a soft lead projectile turns real nasty when a hollow point is introduced right?

TC Maxi Shok kit I bought off ebay last week came in and so I loaded up the rifle and seated one.

#1 thing I noticed right away is that the tip bites in deep and as you remove the ramrod, it tends to take the bullet up the bore until it catches some rifling or a tight spot and then falls off. This certainly is something you'd want to do at home and carry them preformed rather than formed in the field. I just seated the projectile with the rifles ramrod and everything was A-ok. I plan on finding a drop tube that I can put the bullet into, form it and then put it into my bullet packaging.

For the first test I used the Arrow Tip as it forms a nice sharp tipped hollow point that's not large enough to cause the bullet to grenade during impact. Next up I will use the Dot tip as its very shallow and round, most likely best suited for hunting. The cross tip I feel will not be very useful as its very blunt and would be pure **** trying to drive it into the nose of the bullet. The star tip looks just like a phillips head screw driver, very narrow at the point and widens greatly at the base.

The brass attachment jags are just a few thousands under bore size so they really help center that tip into the center of the projectile. I also used a bore guide as extra insurance.

Now the real test? Filling up a ton of water jugs and shooting into them and HOPEFULLY recovering them. To cold for that, so this will do for now.



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bulletbob here.Several years back,I had a 45 caliber mold for a Lyman plains bullet.It wasn't very accurate for me,but that could have been the gun.Good Luck.
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Very accurate in my rifle! 395gr lyman plains bullet with 80gr alliant black mz in my 1:48 twist printed a 1 3/4" 3 shot group at 100 yards, open sights. I'll take that all day long.