Made me a Mini course

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This morning, I arranged my five bag Targets , I’ve been accumulating a few at a time , around my house at the edge of the woods . Too many ticks around here to put them too far into the woods . Have to make my shots away from neighbors yard too .
Made it three times around shooting 2-3 arrows at each target before the heat got to me . It’s 81 now with a heat index of 85 . Summer‘s here .
Course ended at the driveway with a 35 yard shot at my largest bag at the front of The garage .
I only missed one bag and that was a small Morrell crossbow unload bag I picked up for $15 . Makes a great small target for close shots . I was trying a long shot , missed left on first shot , nailed it the next two .
I need to build some Covered platforms to set the bags on and I could leave them out . Or at least something to Elevate them a little and hold them in place .
A lot more fun than standing in one spot shooting arrow after arrow .
I picked me up two blemished 3d Targets. One buck, one bear. Add the bag and the bag target and the odd hay bale and I’ve done something similar. I also hung a few sticks from a tree in my yard and practice from the saddle.
It’s necessary but my neighbors think I’m crack... they forget all the venison I shared with them last year. lol
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I’ve ordered some Morrell animal targets I’m going to Gorilla tape them to my larger bags . Just to mix things up .
I think Academy sells them .
just checked , Academy sells them online only for $7.99 .
i just remembered I have a couple places in back where I can dig out a place in a bank . Hammer two poles on both sides and stretch some wire across to hold the Morrell targets and I’ve added two more targets to my course .
years ago At Tomo Chi Chi Archery club we had pits dug Out this way to use for broadhead Targets .
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I've been doing something similar 10-25yds. Varying the elevation and distance trying to shoot about 50-75 arrows twice a day. Since I shoot alone it's hard to judge progress if any.
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I got two more Of the small Morrell Crossbow Discharge bags . I went around the yard and screwed some big coated hooks into some sweetgum trees .I put up five hooks for the four bags I have .
I get ready to shoot I load the wheelbarrow up With bag Targets and Hook them on the trees . That’ll make seven targets all together with my three bigger bags . I plan on hanging them , maybe between two trees with ropes . Add a S hook on the end of the rope and I can put them up and take them down easily.
two arrow per target , two rounds , twenty eight shots . I need one more target . :)
Actually I use my driveway target as a walk up and shoot four arrows at it . 35, 30, 25, 20 yards .
If you have a local Archery club, check with them. The compound shooters usually blow out the vitals on their 3D animals pretty quick shooting tournaments . I've picked up front halves and rear quarters for free. Works great unless you are using glued on points. Works good for broadheads too.
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I’m having trouble locating an archery club near me .
Looks like everything in the metro area has gone under .
if I could find one , I’d probably join them and shoot their targets . :)