Maiden Voyage - Redo


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The maiden voyage on our Pathfinder that we picked up a couple months didn't go so well, so we had a redo this weekend.

First trip out, we got stranded by an electrical issue and bad cranking battery. Overall it turned into a cluster of a day and ended with a call to SeaTow, so we're not claiming it. Between kids sports, bad weather, Spring Break, and an injury (while working on the boat), it took a little while to get her back out.

Put in on the rising tide at the Mackay River boat launch on Sunday with my two boys. We hit a couple of my old spots from years ago early in the morning without much luck. We poked around a number of crab pots and buoys looking for triple tail, but no luck. We finally landed on an ok bite of undersized trout, but the boys had a blast and thought they were all GIANTS! :ROFLMAO: IMG_0102.JPGIMG_0103.JPGIMG_0106.JPGIMG_0107.JPG


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You know what they say about a bad day fishing? Even better when the kids are in tow and having a good time.


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Nice looking fishing buddies. If you don't mind me asking what Pathfinder did you get and about what did you have to give for it ? You don't have to be specific, just wondering (ballpark) what the used boat market is doing right now.