Make 'Em Quiver Team Thread 2015


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Heck yeah buddy! Way to be persistent. Awesome shot placement too, i guess the close proximity and downward angle were the issue. Glad you found him, sucks the meat is wasted but atleast you made the recovery. We all owe it to these truly awesome animals to make every effort we can.

oh, and some more contest points are cool too :)
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Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Words will never describe something like that.
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I guess I will be the first to admit that I missed tonight. Saw 5 deer and had a one-sided eight pointer come in to 20 yards and said I wasn't going to shoot it. Well I texted monte and he told me to shoot it, so I took a 25 yards shot. And I missed. He was actually about 30. After that I decided I wasn't going to shoot him and he came within 8 yards of me. He had 4 on his right side and a split about 2 inches long as his left side. Glad I made a clean miss. But in all, I hunted from 3-8 pm and saw 5 deer. 3 within 20 yards. Had a perfect opportunity at a yearling doe, but at the time I wasn't 100% sure it wasn't a button head, so I let her walk and she ended up out of range. They're hitting the white oaks hard around here. Gotta get em while there are still some left.
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You'll connect next time. You got pics of that big boy this year?
To be honest, we have no idea what is on the property. Haven't set out a camera since November of last year. I plan on getting one or two out this week because I am curious too.
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I'm out for the rest of the week. Going to try to hunt Monday and Tuesday. Tried today but got so wet and cold, I chickened out. Good luck this weekend guys.


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I had my last doe standing broadside at 20 yds yesterday evening but she was licking the water off her fawn's head (still in spots). It didn't feel right and I just couldn't do it. I let her go. Maybe Ill get another chance at one later. :)
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This season has been tough. A lot of things have kept me from hunting and continue to do so. I'm hoping everything gets a little less hectic and I'm able to hunt at least a few times in the next couple of weeks. I've only hunted 2 times this year and the last time was almost 2 weeks ago. School work and other responsibilities have greatly increased in that time. I'll be able to hunt this year, but it may not be soon. School breaks will help and December will be wide open for the most part. You guys keep after them, sorry for the rant. :offtopic:
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Nice doe, buddy. About time to get your better half on a big boy, isn't it?;) I'm trying hard this week to put something on the ground. You are both well on pace and I'm slacking as usual. :rofl:


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She hasn't gone but once. I sat close by in the climber and was going to film. She had 2 does within 10 yds but they stayed behind her till dark feeding. I haven't been as much as i normaly do. Priorties changed once the little guy got here. I'm hoping she can get a crack at a good one this year. I probably won't shoot another doe till after thanksgiving. Stay after them. The good hunting hasn't even got started yet
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Well, I managed to make a rookie mistake. In the rush of taking pictures, I left my bow about 5 feet away outside the camera's view and just realized it. Oh well, I messed up. I'll have to pick up more of my own slack and remember to get the bow in the next pictures. I suppose it is what it is.facepalm:


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Had a 115 class or so 8 point come in at 6:30 on some red oaks 48 yards from me tonight. He stood in a wide open shooting lane, but there's no way I plan on taking that shot. He sure was pretty though. Had a very light color on his forehead that had me puzzled. Anyways, I'm going to try and get back after them tomorrow, guys.