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What a croc of crap. Am I the only one that is seeing the “weather folks” are way too eager in naming storms this year? Maybe we need to all go greener! It’s Trump’s fault.

Check out the cyclocane models, then look at the gun-mint official prediction. All the models have this low marching inland immediately. Could it be that there’s really nothing there to amount to a tropical system and they’d look extra foolish showing it come ashore? Could it be that there was never more than a low to begin with? Liars.

These are the same minds that tell us we’re running out of time to save the earth, and they can predict EXACTLY what the effects of our actions will be if we don’t submit...



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They didn't use to name all the storms/disturbances until a few years ago. Then they report that we had a 20% increase of "named" storms. Duh.
They're advertising the weather not reporting or predicting.