Massive Allatoona Spotted Bass

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I took a good friend of mine out on Allatoona. We stayed on the north end and it paid off for sure. We hooked into a couple smaller fish at first, and a catfish that hit a free line. I was a little surprised at that. We continued pulling baits along a rocky/clay bank and a free line was hammered.

I have seen some big spotted bass from this lake and when I saw this thing turn in the water I knew it was a monster. I'm just glad I was able to put him on a fish like that. We were a little upset the white fish weren't cooperating but this bass made the day worth all the trouble we ran into. It was a moment to remember for sure. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Nice spot!!!! we have been wearing the hybrids and stripers out on the other end of the lake and even had a 49" Gar as a bonus last Thursday night. Going to get after it again tonight! Great Video and nice fish!!


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Nice spots and cat fish. Hope those white fish come out the river soon. I'll be out there very soon. Thanks for the great report and video.
Nice fish dude

Hey REAL nice Toona green fish but I think that's a largemouth bro. Ain't that many left but we still have a few.
Excellent fish regardless though. Congrats
That's a spot all day long !
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We were pretty positive it was a spot. Usually the largemouth I catch out of Allatoona don't have as much color in them. We both instantly called it too as we hooked up because we were catching them frequently in this area, not to this size though.