Meadows Gun Club Fun Shoot

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Hello all,

I’m headed to Meadows Gun Club on 28 January for the fun shoot and was wondering if anyone else from here is shooting it? I’m relatively new to the area and looking for other shooters.




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Haven't gotten into sporting clays much, but since you are from Kathleen, just wanted to be sure you knew about the skeet/trap range on base. You will meet plenty of folks out there and a lot of the same ones frequent the Ocmulgee Club in south Bibb Co. too.


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Thanks oldstick! Shot a round there once seems to be no consistency in hours. I’ve shot Ocmulgee a few times.
Yep, the last time I was out there on base, was over a year ago. I think the "official hours" were on Sundays 12-6 where an MWR employee would be there. But then trained volunteer club members would open it up other days and on Saturdays. There used to be an email list to keep you informed of the weekly schedule. I think they might keep track of it now on their Facebook page.