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Use this forum for asking questions regarding our registration process, or if you are having trouble with your user account. Do not use this forum to post threads not related to specific problems with your user account.

Do not post threads asking questions of a personal nature or disclosing any personal information. Use the message board's Private Message feature to contact the site Administrators and Moderators for matters of a personal nature.

This forum exists to help members solve problems with their individual user accounts. By searching for threads started by members with similar problems, you may be able to find the answer to your question and "self help".

If that doesn't work, feel free to post your problem here. The only "stupid question" is the one unasked.

All of the message board's rules apply to this forum, just like all the others. Accordingly, if you are not the member with a problem and are not an Administrator or Moderator of this site, please be courteous and do not engage in commenting in the threads in this forum. You will only confuse the member having problems and interfere with the ultimate solution to that member's problems.

In addition, this forum is not a "Gripe" forum. If you have a "Gripe", address your concerns in a Private Message to any Administrator or Moderator.

Enjoy the forums!
Not open for further replies.