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In order to register for membership on this message board, we require you to confirm your e-mail address. We do so to eliminate as many advertising bots and other malicious internet based hacking attempts.

Upon your submission of your registration application, you will receive an e-mail from us requesting you to click on a link that will take you to our e-mail verification page. Until you do so, your registration will not be queued for final approval by us and will until that time be limited in functionality.

If you accidentally delete that e-mail prior to confirming your e-mail address, your registration attempt will not advance to the approval stage. You will need to post your problem here and we will address it.

Be advised, once you have confirmed your e-mail address, registration approval is not automatic nor is it immediate. We normally approve registrations at least once daily during the week so it may take as much as 72 hours from your e-mail confirmation until your registration application is approved by one of our site Administrators.

If you register for membership on a Friday or a weekend, it may be the following Monday before your registration is approved. All of this site's Administrators and Moderators are volunteers and the weekends are for hunting and fishing.
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