meriwether hunting clubs???

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I've been searching the forum for clubs in meriwether. I want to join in the 2021-2022 deer season.

Anyone have some suggestions? Maybe a list of clubs in meriwether I can keep my eye on?

I would prefer a no bait club (supplemental is fine) under $1200 per year. Turkeys are a plus.


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Might want to look into this one

Long standing Nebula Bow Club is now screening potential new members. The club is located adjacent to 9600 acre FDR state park, up the hill from The Little White House in Warm Springs. A little over an hour drive from downtown Atlanta. 45 minutes to Columbus. Search for Meriwether Steak Co for a more precise location.

Before you read any further, please understand this is a FAIR CHASE, NO BAITING ALLOWED club. Baiting will result in automatic dismissal from the club without a refund! No offense to people who like to bait, that is just not the type of hunting experience this club desires.

The club consists of approximately 1400 acres with 12 established food plots and roads running throughout. Meriwether Co has a quality deer harvest standard in place. Our club has a 120 minimum. We slaughter the does, including on food plots.

Club membership is 7 right now, and we have room for up to 2 new members. This is a very low member to acre ratio. One benefit of being a bow only club is that the existing membership does not have all of the "honey holes" locked down. You can place as many stands as you wish, they just can't be within 100-150 yards of another member. Seems reasonable. As bow hunters, we all hunt the wind, so the primary requirement is common sense and courtesy. In other words - Don't sit in a stand if someone else is already downwind in a nearby stand. We have a check-in board so everyone knows where everyone is, plus there is usually conversation the night before so that everyone is on the same page.

Shotguns are allowed for turkey season. Large lake with private fishing rights included.
The lease does not allow gas vehicles on the lease except for retrieving game or work on the property. Electric is fine, but most people walk. Guests are allowed with limitations. There are usually a couple of work days for members.

As of now, we do not allow crossbows except for injury.

We have a private campground across the street from the club where we leave our campers year round. Power, water, direct TV available, a conditioned bath house with 2 showers, 2 toilets, and washer/dryer. This is a really nice and comfortable setup. The property owner lives on the property and nothing has ever been stolen or messed with on the campground. Monthly fee for camper parking is $70 +$13/day when you stay.

About the members - We are small group of business owners who typically cook and eat together, and enjoy the camaraderie of deer camp. We all live in or near Atlanta.

First Year Club dues are $1750 for new members this year.

Please pm with your phone number and I'll give you a call to discuss a tour of the property.
Below are a few pics.