Metro-Atlanta Lab Breeder Offering Semi-finished or Finished Dogs?

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I understand there is a prohibition on WTB threads. I hope the mods will make an exception here, because I am struggling to find a reputable breeder that has a proven track record of health and behavior attributes. And will respond to emails.

I would like to reserve a finished or started lab in the metro Atlanta area. I would also like to be able to visit the dog occasionally during the training process to start bonding and make sure that I am also following the training properly.

The dog will be a companion dog that will rarely (if ever) hunt. I am more interested in transitioning her to service/agility work.
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Not sure if your definition of metro Atlanta is the same as mine, Lula is just north of Gainesville. Hudson River Retrievers has 180 acres of grounds and tech ponds. You can’t go wrong with
a Blaine Tarnecki trained dog.