Midday gobbler !


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Been a pretty tough season trying to get it done on public land with quite a few opportunities , but as any turkey hunter knows opportunities don’t equal a dead turkey .
This week was my birthday so we had a late lunch at my dads house . It hadn’t been long quit raining and I told the family I was gonna take a hike around the field to see if I see a turkey . My wife said don’t stay til dark lol !
I quickly grabbed my gear and struck out , full stomach and all . I was just walking doing some aggressive clucking and cutting every 100 yards or so and barely made it out of sight of my dad’s house when I heard what I was looking for . I quickly hid in the field edge and didn’t call again . Probably 30 minutes pass and nothing . I knew my wife was ready so I took out my @RedHills box call and cut on it and he gobbled right on top of me . Soon after I could hear drumming and a couple minutes later he was history . I usually save this spot for my dad and daughter but after many miles and blown chances on public I’m fine with it . Now to get back to exercising on public land lol IMG_5287.jpeg


My trapping has really helped over the last 3 years. Definitely an increase in turkeys