Middle Ga Dove Hunting

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Well, I am in the middle of the divorce and my two boys and I are trying to enjoy our newfound liberation. ANy middle georgia area dove clubs/hunts that anyone knows about. I don't know many people in middle Georgia except her family.. But it is time i show my boys what the world looks like without a screen.


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The two I have heard of are Redbone near Barnesville and Double Barrel near Culloden. Others are a drive out to row crop country. You need plenty of farm land to find doves on. That's not common in timber country above the gnat line.


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Have hunted several times with Hartley Dove Hunts. One barn burner and some just so-so. Good meal to start the day and safety talk by area DNR. Should be in the dove shoots in GON listing.


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When I talked to them most of there shoots which is quite a few there mostly in SW Ga. Where all the peanut fields and such
I would recommend looking into some of the adult-child quota hunts. However you must enter your 2 boys on the quota system online as adults cannot put in for them. I can't speak for all these hunts but we used to put in for Redlands every year for about 5 years as a youth and always got selected. We used to HAMMER them down there. I have been on alot of really good shoots and these were some of the best. If your within a decent drive I would definitely recommend it. If you end up putting your boys in and they get selected let me know and I will give you some pointers on where to try to set up (y)