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Went out over the weekend and managed to hang another good one. Never done good this time of year but have managed back to back nice stripes the past 2 weekends. I know I have a future fisherman on my hands when he tells me “daddy, is this the biggest bait we have?” He understands my fishing logic. He’s tiny and at 11 years old prolly weighs 60lbs. Everyone thinks he’s 8. He got it up and held it for a decent pic before he almost drops her. Old pb was 22lbs. Good fish and good times with kids. Videoed the whole thing. To say he was ecstatic would be an understatement. 455D68ED-C865-4316-82E5-D5B11712EC8C.jpg


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What it's all about right there! Congrats to the both of you!


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I know I have a future fisherman on my hands when he tells me “daddy, is this the biggest bait we have?”
The way my Grandpa taught me... big rig + big line + BIG bait = BIG FISH.
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Congrats. Great catch. I saw that his previous PB was 22lb. What was the weight on this fish?
Fish was 31.5lbs and a 1/4” shy of being 40” long. What’s crazy is our 42.5lb from last year was 41.5” long. Fish was very long for its weight but the way he’s holding it it doesn’t look that long. You can tell it in the pic in the net. I tried my best to get him to hold it again but he said he couldn’t. Lol. Got a quick weight/measurement and got it back in the water. 3B29D96B-8F14-4B99-B821-59C0AAD741C3.jpg
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Oh my yesssss! Congratulations.


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I like that smile. I’d be smiling like that myself had I caught that big ol fish!!!!!
Seeing people teaching their kids about fishing ( and thus about life) is something that makes me happy when not much else does these days. You're doing it right, Dad. Great fish, kid. He will never, ever forget the time you spend together doing this.