Midweek MONSTER!

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This was one of the best mornings ive had in the woods in a long time. I watched 8 dif bucks chase doe, fight, snort wheeze, n make scrapes from daylight to 1030. Shortly after i hit the can call and immediately heard bushes being thrashed behind me. After a cpl mins I finally catch movement. Ive got trail cam pics of this buck all summer, so i knew right away i was shooting. He made his way to an opening at about 100yds. He was 1/4 away hard so i drove it in at the back of his ribs n it exited just in front of his offside shoulder. Then the excitement set in! Biggest buck of my life! FB_IMG_1541722172921.jpg FB_IMG_1541722160399.jpg FB_IMG_1541722154070.jpg


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