Millennials, who owns them.

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This article really brings it home. A large number of an entire generation was raised without acquiring essential life skills. Some are finally figuring it out and seeking what wasn’t passed on to them. Doc Spock should have been run out of town on a rail.
I recognized it years ago when one of my nephews didn't know what an adjustable (crescent) wrench was @ about 15 yrs old. Thing is, his Dad, my BIL was very mechanically inclined and worked on everything, heckuva mechanic.

Not only did my nephew not know what the wrench was he had never had one in his hand. This was over 20 years ago. I'll give him credit for doing very well all the way through his school years on into college and a degree, but no practical knowledge to this day.

He's now a flaming Liberal along with his pink hat wearing wife too now.

Blows my mind considering my Sister and BIL as his parents. That wasn't their politics, the boy was indoctrinated all the way through school and college.
Elena Toumaras, 29, is currently learning an adult skill she was never taught before – cooking. Toumaras is attending a cooking class in Queens to help fill a gap in her life skill knowledge. "I was so used to, when living at home, my mom always cooking," she said. "Doing simple things now that I'm on my own, I'm struggling with it."
Sweet 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus. You're 29 years old and you don't know how to cook? You're useless. God help the metrosexual millennial snowflake male that marries you.
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The 10K gorilla is who raised them that way?


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When a youngun gets into their teens, they should know how to cook, wash their clothes, use an ax properly, sharpen a knife the right way, know how to treat a Lady, be well on their way of knowing how to grow and tend a garden, have a good grasp on how to be responsible, have good manners, and be respectable to others.
I made sure my kids learned the basic skills "the ones a parent should teach"so they could be self sufficient and function in society.They both know how to Be respectful, responsible, cook, hunt, fish and remember phone numbers ...
I don't own him but I have one. Hes 19, lives at home and works. He goes to college when he ain't home working. I've gotten him out doors, had him in the cub scouts for a couple years, had him help me work on the vehicles, help cook..ect. He just don't have any interest in it. Hes a really good kid, well spoken and wouldn't hurt a fly but now hes starting to realize what all hes missed out on and trying to crunch it all in within a couple years...


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Comes down to the parenting. My kids both went (mostly) to public school and college, and turned out fine, while many of their classmates are idiots.

My daughter's freshman year at Kennesaw State, her 3 dorm-mates didn't know how to cook, wash clothes, or iron. Their moms came once a week and did it for them.

Both mine could cook and do laundry unassisted by the time they were 11 or 12. They had to, or they'd go hungry and wear dirty clothes all the time.

I've said it here before....we are witnessing the result of the participation trophy era of child raising. No winners or losers, no life lessons learned.
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Raised by video games, TVs, and McDonalds. What do you expect?
And the gorilla walks to the front of the room. Trust me, I’m not throwing rocks here. I own some of this, just recognizing how it got in this mess and it continues, maybe worsens.

When my ex-wife insisted my boy go to scouting I should have said those skills are under our roof, I don’t need an assistant. But I didn’t.
I didn't drop my boy off at the scouts. I went every meeting with him. It got to where he wasn't putting in the work and was just going to play. He did work his way up to a weblo but he just lost interest when he got behind.
He did play video games but I refused to have any part in it. He had to work and save for every system or game he ever had. He hasn't played video games in a few years now...he don't have time.


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You would be surprised how many don't know to jack up a car and change a tire. I have had guys come to work and could not drill a hole. The reason it was in reverse. True story.....where was the dad in their life.