Millet planting date for 2024 dove season

Given that opening day of dove season in 2024 is September 7th, when are you planting brown top millet? I was going to plant this Sat (6/15) but might wait until Sat (6/22). Thoughts?


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We planted last weekend (6/7) but I'm concerned with this dry weather we're having. Got a very small sprinkle Monday and no rain in sight for the next 7 days.


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We always did ours 100 days before opening day. It takes about 80 days to mature and start dropping seed, then it left 20 days (3 weeks) to start mowing strips in it.


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I planted our millet Wednesday the 19th in Screven co. I have been waiting on some rain to plant but we haven't gotten any at all and I needed to get it in the ground. Praying for some rain but not much in the forecast. It's is as dry as a popcorn ****!


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Field 1: browntop millet and sorghum 6/8
Field 2: browntop millet 6/15
Field 3 browntop millet 6/19

Usually would wait until before a rain to plant but with limited schedules and running out of time it got planted regardless. We need rain bad! A dove field is one thing but I hate it for these dryland rowcroppers whose livelihood depends on rain!


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I planted ours on the 19th and checked it on Friday. It was so dry that it hadn't even started coming up BUT it got a good rain Friday , Saturday and Sunday so hopefully that will get it jumpstarted.


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Anybody doing any paid dove hunts and if so, where are you located? I've got a 1 year old boykin I sent for training last year. I need to get her on a dove field. We are not doing our fields this year.