Milwaukee Backpack Vacuum

I didn't know thay made a back pack vac.

I've got a bunch of M18 stuff so I'm gonna get one of these.

edit: A quick look and it's $299 for the tool only. I'll have to put it on the wish list.
I feel ashamed, but bought the chainsaw and leaf blower. Honestly, they‘ve both been great for my needs.
I saw that combo when in Dixie the other day and thought about picking it up. Electric chainsaw would be handy at the farm when riding around and need to cut a few quick things.
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Triple C

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Used mine yesterday to detail the inside of my truck. Been a while since it's been this clean. Love this vac since getting it last December.


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Many of the cleaning companies that vacum out the aircraft are transitioning to this backpack. It beats the previous model backpacks used hands down.
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They are not light. Guessing weight is around 20 lbs strapped to your back or held by the handle. But no issue. I've go stained concrete floors at the hunting cabin. For 10 years it was plug in the upright and try to keep from running over the cord. Then unplug and replug in another location. This thing is a breeze on concrete floors.