Minerals....Salt Blocks....etc

What are ya'll gonna put out for mineral sites this year. Anyone use any of the blocks from tractor supply....if so which ones work the best for you.


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Some people also use a mix of bagged salt, bagged mineral salt, dicalcium phosphate and a little grape Koolaid.

Since I have 25 mineral sites, and the price of dicalcium phosphate, I am down to using a block of white salt and a block of mineral salt and call it a day. It's the "salt" that the deer need and are after, this time of year, but having some minerals in there is probably a good thing. Having a nutritious, well limed and fertilized food plot is probably the best.


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If you do a search on here, you will find lots of "threads" on the subject


Jim Boyd

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I’m just using bags of trace mineral salt and some bags of trophy rock granules.

Sweetened two spots with liquid molasses also.

Getting good traffic but the bucks are barely showing any antler development.



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Yes. The cheap trace mineral blocks or bags from Tractor Supply work very well. All I use.


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I use the $10 red blocks at tractor supply. The deer love them and they’re cheap. I sometimes use trophy rocks also but for to me for money u can’t beat the tractor supply blocks.


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Trace mineral salt, di-cal and Deer Cane Black Magic. If I'm feeling really generous I'll throw in some powdered molasses but I'm not very generous these days.


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Cattle grade mineral salt, a bag of trophy rock, and a trophy rock…rock dug into my mineral site.

That’s all I use for a year.


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white blocks from tract supp.....


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I buy mine from a local company that mixes animal minerals and vitamin supplements. I just bought some today and refreshed a stump this afternoon


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Trophy rock 30lbs bags.......Usually pour out 25lbs of it on my original site... the other 5 pounds I pour on a scrub tree that I keep having to cut down every year...Works like a charm at both sites

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