minimal hunting pressured birds

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It's nice watching all the hunting shows with all the precise calling etc. I'd like to hear some stories on the minimalist stuff you have done to kill a pressured bird. I only scratched leaves etc. Lets hear some stories.
I had my most minimalist kill/stalk on a bird this year. Hunting public land birds two weeks into the season. The birds started gobbling in a flooded river bottom. Turns out they were on a dry peninsula in the bottom. I was calling to them periodically, but the response was half hearted. I threw in some Jake yelps and they started responding more, but still weren’t budging. I ended up making about a 200 yard loop scratching in the leaves the whole time. The closer I got the more the boss bird would gobble. Towards the end it seemed like every breath. I would just keep easing through the palmettos scratching and he was eating it up. I stalked to within 35 yards, acquired a target, and shot. There was definitely two longbeards on that peninsula and one other turkey. I believe if I had sat back and called all morning I would have gone home empty handed that morning