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Quick question for those in the know. How critical is the 5 grains per inch minimum to bow performance and life? I shoot a Mathews Chill 68 to 70 lbs 26.5" draw and just built some easton 400 bloodlines at 357 grains. My math puts this just over the minimum. I'm not a speed nut but with my draw I'm looking to get all I can out of the set up.
Thanks for the help.
I like a heavier arrow around 430 grains, but I think your fine if speed is what your after. I know a guy that shoots a 72 lb destroyer at 29.5 draw and a 355 grain arrow not my cup of tea, but it is a screamer.
I don't shoot compounds anymore and was never a speed freak, but I'm of the opinion that a mid weight arrow I best on compounds. You still get high speeds and more kenetic energy.
With trad gear I prefer heavy arrows as I don't have the speed just the KE. I'm runnin about 12 grains per pound on a 45# recurve at about 140 fps. But man they hit hard.

You have to figure out what you want and what the bow wants. Some bows can work great with lighter arrows, some are noisier and just don't shoot as well, all depends on your set up, tuning, release and bow.
I would say it does not matter much in life. My last bow was a pse bow madness, 30.5", 72-74lbs, 380-385gr arrow at 310ish fps. I was concerned about arrow weight, but the last critter it shot at was a double lung complete pass thru on a big bull elk. I like the speed to eliminate some of the misjudging of distance on the fly.

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You should be fine with that buddy especially with your DL. I don't recommend it but most bows will be fine shooting an arrow a little under 5 GPP. There is a guy on here shooting an Insanity with a stupid light arrow and never has a problem. Who knows what the long term effects are though.
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Thanks everybody for the input. Thus is a great place to help each other out and get good honest feedback and opinions.
I tried a little experiment about 7 years ago. I shot a carbon arrow weighing 370 grns along side a 450 grn aluminum arrow. Out to 30 yards the aluminum arrow only shot about 5" lower than the lighter carbon arrow. The bow was set at 70 lbs. Bows are much more efficient now than 7 years ago. Make your own test, I think you'll find you will not lose that much going with a slightly heavier arrow.