Mitchell co

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well got my breaks an foodplots plowed found a 50lb bag of rape for sale at marvins for 42 dollars planted some but want to plant some peas. still got hogs moving in an out got a big sow last sunday getting a few pics of some does an small bucks .what yall seeing???
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well turkeys hav come bac an still got hogs seeing some small bucks shot 2 coyotes so far hope to see a doe need some hamburger
Things are interesting on the Mitchell/Colquitt Line. Lots of heavily used scrapes and tons of rubs. Have heard of bucks chasing not far down the road. One really nice 140” 8 killed not far hounding a few does. Cameras show fighting but no chasing. Cool temps stay it may be a long and interesting November
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I havnt got a single pic of a doe deer only small bucks with a good buck here an there going to move cameras round found some fresh rubs an scrapes
Nothing here. Starting to seem like it’s going to be late for me on the line. Normally have good luck from the 22nd to the 30th. I don’t even see a rut in sight
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yea only seeing small bucks still think the had a small buck grunting an chasing some does this afternoon got hogs running all over
Nice buck you killed jcdona. Still nothing happening up this way that I’ve witnessed with my own eyes. Starting to grow suspicious of problem in my area.


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They're not in full swing yet but it aint far off. Had a friend that listened to a buck roar for over an hr Friday morning. He finally got to see him at about 1030. A little bit out of range for his bow. He was tending a doe.
Saw 8 deer this evening. Does and 3 small bucks. No shooter. Hunting partner was across the road and had 3 does step out at dark with an 8 point at dark that came out grunting and pushing them around.
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had a big 8 an 7 pt come by my cameras fri an sat a few does had a 4pt chasing does sun small 8 came by my camera bout an hour ago think things a starting to heat up round my place
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only saw small bucks a lot of does last week hope to go some more this week there has been some nice bucks killed that been enter into the gon contest 3 from Mitchell co so far