MLF Style Tournament (Fishers of Men Abu Garcia Ultimate Bass Challenge)


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Fishers of Men Georgia South will be hosting the Abu Garcia Ultimate Bass Challenge (MLF Style Tournament) on July 25th. The tournament is a one day tournament that will be chosen from Blackshear, Seminole, Eufaula, West Point or Lake Harding. The tournament will be announced on Friday July 17th then off limits until the event.

Entry fee is $100.00

The participants can enter by one of three ways.

1. The anglers who fished in the most recently completed season in the Georgia South division will be given priority the 21 slots. That priority will be given in order of the season points standings from the recently completed season in that Team Series Georgia South division
2. Any remaining slots will be available to any current Fishers of Men member, on a “first come first served“ basis.
3. Become a member of Fishers of Men and remaining spots will be filled after the deadline prior to the lake announcement
Entry deadline is Friday July 17 at 12:00pm. After the deadline the remaining boats will be filled on a first come basis until Friday July 24 at 12:00pm.
Participants will be required to bring a Marshall.
There will be a separate competition for marshals. This competition is totally optional. Marshals, who opt in, will pay a $10 cash entry at the pre-tournament meeting to compete against other marshals in a “big fish“ competition. Details and rules for the marshal competition will be given at the pretournament meeting. Fishers of Men membership is not required for marshals, whether competing in the marshal’s competition or not.
In Fishers of Men UBC Series Tournaments, the tournament waters will be off limits from the announcement at 12:00, noon on Friday until the start of competition. During the off limits and competition, competitors may not willfully receive any information concerning tournament waters.
There will be a birth to the National Tournament through this tournament. The qualification guideline will be as follow.
1. In tournaments consisting of 5-9 competitors, only the top angler will qualify for the UBC Championship.
2. In tournaments consisting of 10-14 competitors, the top 2 anglers will qualify for the UBC Championship.
3. In tournaments consisting of 15-19 competitors, the top 3 anglers will qualify for the UBC Championship.
4. In tournaments consisting of 20-21 competitors, the top 4 anglers will qualify for the UBC Championship.

Please refer to rules at

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