Moonpie's breakfast Bistro..... What y'all having?

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Blood, those enchiladas look righteous even as leftovers!!!
Folks.....I overslept this morning.....bigtime.

It's a day off....but dang.....I barely got the coffee brewed before the sun came up.

Enjoyed a cup & a refill out on the deck while the dogs explored the backyard and scent checked the debris that last night's storm brought down. The rain was much appreciated. We sure needed it.

After a while I took a look in the fridge and discovered the 4 pieces of TP Sage were gone as well as the biscuits leftover from yessaday's breakfast. Teenage T-Rex had made a midnight strafing run....evidently.

Fired up a skillet and put a pack of Tennessee Pride Hot in there.

More biscuits cooked and some cheddar eggs.

Oops.....almost forgot. I tend to hit the sausage hard with yellow mustard. Ain't purty....but it's how I roll.

Now I"m stuffed and lazy my oldest isn't letting me get up anytime soon. Ah...the leisure life will be enjoyed for another few minutes.

It'll be rushed protein shakes for breakfast the next few mornings on the drive to work.

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