Moonpie's breakfast Bistro..... What y'all having?

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Thanks, folks.

Rolling through the last of the bacon & sausage this morning. Have the day off for wife's doctor's appointments today....figured I'd ensure we'd start the day with some basic grub.

After I got my pot of java down the hatch first, though. :rofl:

Broke out the thin skillet for some eggs covered in three cheeses and later served as makeshift omelets with peppers & onions.

She wanted extra cheese on her's....and no biscuit.

I took on the obligation of knocking off both biscuits, lol.

One of the few good things from up north.
I like flap jacks and they wife don’t, so today it all about me.

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I'd toss Mrs Butterworth and Aunt Jemima to the curb to get at that maple syrup goodness. Absolutely no comparison.

Good crispy bacon that you can dredge through the syrup before gobbling it up. That, a meal that brings back the kid in ya. Great looking breakfast.

I cook pancakes every few months. Next time I do I'd like to find some good maple syrup for them like you did.
This is how today's breakfuss went down. Along with a pot of coffee and a diet Coke 😁 View attachment 976708

Looks almost identical to some of my breakfasts at work.

Lazy morning at the house today.

Good pot of coffee down the hatch and then slaved over the microwave to make some well-peppered cheese grits & biscuits. :rofl:


Looks delicious !!! That's very much what I wanted this morning.....but was thwarted.

Didn't sleep worth a durn last night for some reason. Finally gave up on it and come on down and made a pot of coffee and enjoyed the early morning.

Quiet house, hot java to sip and a great book to read.

Around 8:30am I made my way back to the kitchen to get some breakfast ready. The specific menu I had in mind was leftover pork loin, scrambled eggs with cheddar & jalapeños........and a sliced tomato. I was wanting to get into those ripe tomatoes something fierce.

Wife came into the kitchen and said we were going to Church and needed to be there at 9:30am..........all ingredients back into the fridge. She made herself something while I got ready.

By the time we finally made it home after noon I was hongry enough to eat the hind leg off a hobby horse. :rofl:

We got into those unreal tomatoes.....perfectly ripe....toasted some 97-grain bread or some such with muenster cheese....hit it with Dukes & thick bacon and some loaded tater salad.

My 8-hour late breakfuss was finally had....



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Ham, cheese and mushroom omelet here. No matter what I'm putting in on any given day, my base is 3 eggs. Better put, two whole eggs and one egg white. Pinch of baking powder will make it fluffy. It's a one skillet dish. When boss hen wakes up, I'll fix her a smaller version. Still ain't figured out how to make my pics small enough to post on here. I put them on fakebook all the time. I'm in fakebook jail for another 20 days. 😁

Hope y'all enjoy brekfuss.
I hit the bacon with fresh ground pepper prior to cooking.

I could eat pepper on just about anything....and do.

This right here is the stuff that kilt Elvis !!!!

Grabbed mine and got outa the way.

They did sammiches with theirs.

Got off work this morning at 7 AM and by 7:30 I was good and sweaty. I got in a little 2 mile run before coming home to cook breakfast for my wife and dependents.

Oldest boy stayed at a friends house last night so I whipped up some tennessee pride for the youngest. Bacon and fried eggs in bacon grease for me and the misses. She ate hers with cheese toast but I made a sandwich with mine. It was pretty dang tasty with a cup of strong coffee.


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