More On That Gun Rights Rally In Virginia (Update)


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The Governor set up fencing for the protest. People inside the fencing are not allowed to carry guns while people outside the fencing can. Here’s a reporter from the Guardian noting the area inside the fence is relatively empty
Imagine that.
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Well they are dumb enough to try and take their guns away.....
The no guns allowed safe space being empty will not be reported anywhere. Neither will the women and people of color attending the event. That would be poison for the Democrats.
Or that the streets are still clean, shop windows are still intact, and from the livestreams I've been listening to at work, seemed like folks were, for the most part, just having a good ol' fashioned get together. Lots of laughing and joking and gun talk. Unfortunately, I think if you were outside the fence it was nearly impossible to hear the speeches.

I read a Washington Post article where a coffee shop lady, who was initially intimidated by all the gun totin' patriots, said that it actually ended up being a lot of fun.... that and she sold a LOT of coffee haha

I'm just really glad nothing has "popped off" thusfar
You just Know they were hoping a ...Gun Nut ..would shoot up the crowd and the death toll would be high.
They could sit behind closed doors in their Ivory tower and say,,See we need to take all of them.
We were right all along.
Sorry Clowns , We're American Patriots not Gang Bangers...


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If you had any doubt that the MSM is the enemy of the People, that last compilation video (at very end of the article) should convince you.
Looks like more people felt safer outside the no gun zone since there were more folks packed outside of it where guns were allowed.
That’s why I won’t participate in stuff like this. The deck is stacked against you from the get go.
Exactly! I’m glad there are people that are out there on the front lines, as of now I have to be here. There IS a silent majority.