Most comfortable Boot

Any of the Redwing mock toe boots are extremely comfortable and provide a lot of ankle support. Have Goodyear welts so they can be resoled, and last quite a long time.
I recently got a pair of these, and after trying them out the other day, I have to say that I am in love with them. They won't even really require any break-in.

They are very lightweight, extremely comfortable, grip really well, and are waterproof. They are as comfortable, and almost as lightweight as running shoes on my feet, yet they give good ankle support.

Yes, they are fairly pricey. But as with most anything, you get what you pay for.


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The Cabela's Meindl hikers are probably the most comfortable boots I've ever worn but they were very pricey. Cabela's stopped selling them. They were offered with a "lifetime warranty" and tore up a bit well under 1000 miles on 'em. Nobody actually honors a warranty on boots. I still have and wear them.

Early '90s Vasques made-in-Italy were similar but they aren't the same boot now.

I wear boots everyday at work walking miles through field and forest, mountain and desert, swamp and heavy brush etc. I really liked the 2 pair of LL Bean Cresta's I've gone through but the break-in period, when they aren't so comfortable, could be a lifetime for someone who doesn't put 20+ miles a week on 'em.

Good experience with Timberland Pro where safety toe is required. Not comfortable but better than any other steel/composite tow in my experience

Red Wings are all junk. Everything they make.Hiker, safety toe, hunting... They leak like a sieve, stitching dissolves, leather separates at the bottom even before the sole falls off etc. Got charged for repair when they failed inside 3 months. Gone through 5 pair before I learned my lesson

I don't wear snake boots but I wear the Scent Blocker snake gaiters/leggings when it's mandated in the HASP/JSA and sometimes when it's not. They protect against shredding you pants and calves on briars, keep the water you didn't see from flooding your boot if you step fast, and offer piece of mind venturing into gulf coastal plain wetlands now that I'm older and my vision isn't quite so good and I have to be looking at a geospatial data collection device most of the time.

Problem with recommending boots is brand, style, type doesn't stay the same for long. They switch up where they're made, lasts used (fit and sizing), material quality, quality control etc.