moultrie feeder replacement motor?

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sea trout

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Hey any one ever replace a motor on an older, (like 10 years old), moultrie feeder.
It takes 6 v batteries. Academy had the wildgame innovations replacement motor. Ebay and Amazon have wild game innovations and other replacement motors for spin feeders but I can't find anything specific to moultrie.
The feeder is at the club of course. So I cant look at it in next few days to get shaft size n other specifics.
As I'm typin this I'm thinkin of checkin Moultrie website too. So I'll do that.

Thanks a lot for any info!!!
if it is a tripod feeder academy has them .they come with the twist lock adapter.make sure you get the one that allows you to feed them up to six times a day.i think they are around 40.00 bucks


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I have the older feeders at my camp and they aren't twist lock and I am sure I have some motors around there because we took them off and installed gravity tubes. I'm sure we are miles apart as far as getting one to you but you can convert your feeders into gravity feeders if you cannot locate a motor.
I have ordered the replacement motors on Amazon (Wildgame 6V replacement motor) and they worked fine and they fit just the same. If they don't fit you can always return on Amazon;)

Tip: Put a lil drop of penetrating oil on the set screw that attaches the spinner plate to the shaft and let sit a day or 2 before trying to change out, it will make the process easier.


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Fairly simple/easy job to replace the 6v motor as long as everything comes apart, not corroded, etc. There are two tiny machine screws that hold the motor in place. Don't tighten them too much when installing because that can split the plastic around the screw holes. Congratulations if you got ten years out of a Moultrie timer unit!

This job is easier if the feeder is empty. If not, block the flow of corn off before removing the motor/timer unit.

The new Moultrie twist lock type units mentioned above are not very expensive and you get a complete ready to mount unit i.e. new motor, new timer, etc. I would check to be sure the twist lock mount will fit your feeder before purchase.

Good luck.

Most of the motors are easy to swap out. I have had all kinds on my hog feeders and we have been changing them all to these Moultrie all in one feeders.
They give us no problems compared to all the others. They use four AA batteries. The bottom unscrews and a little digital screen flips down and they are easy to set. They seem to be less affected by weather and there is not much for critters to hang on to.
I just use the self taping screws with a little seal on them. I think they are made for tin roofs.