Mountain Feist

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Is anyone interested in a free Mountain Feist. This was my dad’s squirrel dog. He will tree and hunt hard until he can’t go. I don’t know if he is or was registered. My dad passed away a year ago and my mom is no longer able to take care of him due to her health. thanks
Alright dads......this is a great chance to get your young uns in the woods having fun instead of letting them sit in front of a video game. You can’t beat the price, a Feist eats about a handful of food a day, so no excuses. Great little dogs and you can’t fuss about the price. A 6 week old pup will cost you $300 and up, with no guarantee and lots of miles walking till it starts treeing.

To the O.P, this is a great gesture from you, my wife is also allergic to dogs, but my Feist doesn’t bother her. She pets and rubs him every day. I guess they are all different tho. Good luck, it’s a rough time of year to place a hunting dog.
Good opportunity for someone to get good squirrel dog . I have one already mt feist are good dogs smart and willing to please . Mine never gets out of sight in the woods and you don’t have to chase after them they follow your lead and work around you they don’t bay while trailing but you will know when they hit a scent they hop and will bark when a squirrel is trees .also a great family dog