Mountain Monarch and a Treeshark

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Yesterday afternoon was a good day for me. I received a package from Simmons Broadheads and spent most of the afternoon tuning my bow to the new broadheads and putting a razors edge on them. I really didn't know if I would be done in time enough to go hunting. I finally finished dialing everything in around 5:30 and went to the stand. Is was an enjoyable sit. After sitting for 30 min or so a button buck started milling around and helped pass the time. It wasn't long before a doe came in and started to feed. I was watching her for some time and noticed she didn't have any little ones and her bottom jaw had a defect of some sort. It was like the was sticking her tongue out at all times. I decided to take the shot. She was at 20 yards. I picked a spot and drew my ole Mountain Monarch back and sent that razor sharp Treeshark with confidence. SMACK!!!! Hit right where I was looking. She ran 20 yards or so and piled up. The blood trail was unbelievable. I have been shooting Magnus stingers but after that blood trail I'm sticking with the shark. Thank the lord for another good day. IMG_2529.JPG IMG_2526.JPG


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Great job fella, and yes that would leave a blood trail for sho...
Way to go!!! Yes sir them Sharks are awesome heads fo sho!!!!!!!