Mr. Vernon is back - ALL RIGHT!!!

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Hopefully things will seem even more normal now. I see that Mr. Holt has made TWO posts so far today!!!

It's good to see you back!!!

Hope you continue to recover well!!!!


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Keep those posts coming Mr. Holt and continue to get better. I hope and pray you are getting stronger each and every day. ::; ::;


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Looking good Vernon

glad to see you becoming active again :clap: :clap:



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Great news -- looking forward to your full recovery.:D


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Welcome Back, Vernon!

Hope you're doing better than expected!


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Glad to see you are back with us Mr.Holt.I have really missed your post and replys.I hope you continue to improve with great speed and things will soon be back to normal.


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:clap: :clap: :clap:

I'm sure you are not doing much of this :fine: YET! Mr. Vernon but in due time. We are thankful your ok and back with us. Now, share some knowledge asap. :D