Multi species mountain fun


A little Father’s Day weekend fun for the older boy and I had us rolling the pop up camper into the hills. Check in at the quiet creek side campground was at 2pm and we were in the canoe on Unicoi lake by four. Fished til just before dark thirty. He had several strikes and he was able to land a couple decent little bass that made a tasty supper. I’m just there oar man. ?


Upon awakening on day two I was reminded how wonderful the mountains smell in the morning. And in my humble opinion, the only thing that makes the mountains smell better is bacon.


After another few hours in the lake, catching more bass, but releasing them we decided to hit a mountain stream. This included catching a mess of trout, a cool mountain swimming hole, and some backcountry rock and waterfall hopping.

Here he is casting the 2wt into the deep hole where we were sight fishing.

Landing a small 6-7 incher.

Launching into the cool water.

Trying to figure out how we are going to get past that little waterfall.

After a couple camp burgers for supper, s’mores for dessert, and some creek fun with a couple other boys in camp he crashed. Still sleeping as I post this. We brought the iPad, but it hasn’t been out much at all. There isn’t a darn thing on that electronic addiction device that’s as exciting to a young (and old) boy’s heart as the great outdoors. Several times this weekend he would see a big bass or trout and say “my heart is literally being out of my chest; I’m shaking. “

Sorry to say the woman and the ten month old buckaroo couldn’t make it, but they’ll be out next time.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!


I might add, he’s been called girl or her or she several times because of that hair, but thanks to his grandfather and my taste in music he considers himself a long hair country boy.


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Man, yeah! That looks like a perfect weekend to me in a beautiful place. You're raising him right. Enjoy your time with that boy, and tell him to grow and enjoy that hair as long as he can while he still has that window of opportunity. I used to have long hair. I unfortunately don't have that option any more. :)

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That’s awesome.


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Looks like a great time! That is awesome. Glad for y’all. As for his long hair, when he gets old enough for it to start coming out on his face all that other will end.